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Elephants and Lies -- Xmas season 2017

Friends, the 2017 Christmas is upon us again. Christmas for many of us is a time for love, peace and hope; and time for generosity of heart. It is rare few moments, as it seems, for ordinary folks in Australia that could have their time to open kind hearts for those enslaved asylum-seekers in PNG and Nauru. But my friends, I'm afraid that something may have somehow prevented, so far, such Australian kindness towards the asylum-seekers comes into fruition.


Letter to President of ICRC

Unfortunately, Australian political system, whilst democratic in all aspects, had failed to respect the human rights of these asylum-seekers. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that both major parties, the LNP Government and Labour Opposition, are no-longer able to make rational decisions for the future of these asylum-seekers. Some of our politicians may also have been compromised. The state of affairs for the refugees at OPCs are untenable. I would therefore request your organization to urgently intervene in this evolving humanitarian crisis. In sum:


Standing up for Refugees ? Set up a FB Group and Becomes Human Rights Information Retailer:

My dear friends: In these days of a very sophisticated and well-featured free networks like Facebook, there are more than one way to help the causes for refugees. You can actually start your own "Group" to share and exchange information. All you need is few hours of your time in the evening, just to moderate the postings. Already there are handy ways and examples for setting up guidelines on an information forum you are about to administer.

The Internet and Grassroots Activism


Details on Fazel Chgeni case:

The Radio National broadcasts, 31-1-2016. Correct me if I am wrong -- Fazel Chegeni has never been granted a proper protection visa (refugee status). He was briefly released into community on some type of bridging visa (i.e. there can be many forms of such visa, the Safe Heaven visa, one amongst). All he has been given by DIBP was the notice that he has a strong case to become a refugee in Australia. The fact that he was a stateless Kurdish man from Iran, this is not surprising.


Boat bribery payments and motives behind

The Amnesty International report on 28 October 2015 gave us details about how Australian officials made payments to the Indonesian smuggling crew on two occasions (Download AI report here --> . The first occasion on May 2015, the boat with 65 Sri Linkan nationals were onboard had been traveling to New Zealand.


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