Election Season and Boat Secrecies

Friends: Inevitably, we are arriving at election season and all leaders, i.e. Turnbull, Shorten & Di Natale seems to be 'charged up' in securing for their lots. More than anything else, the mass media also seems prepared to meet this long anticipated election season.

As for the refugee rights movement -- I like to think of it as a non-partisan one -- this election season may present an opportunity to promote the alternative and humane policies for refugees. If you were a traditional LNP or Labor voters, please directly communicate to your preferred representative(s), your concerns about offshore detention and asylum seekers. I know for a fact that, a traditional LNP voter would never give his/her vote to the Labor and Vice Versa. All that needs from refugee rights movement's perspective is that to show 'YOU CARE' and, more importantly, making sure that those in 'Political Establishment' understand who elect them (make certain you are the BOSS).

As for the swinging voters who cared so much about refugees, your responsibility will be much greater. One of the netter said that about the 20% of swinging voters -- less the traditional 40% LNP and 40% Labor -- are the ones who decide the next government. May you join one of the FB forums which features asylum-seekers and refugees, examine the issues in details, and to making up your mind. These FB forums surely are helping to disseminate genuinely important information about refugees and asylum seekers. This is very important because there are unscrupulous media elements festering Australian politics for so-long, we -- the general public -- must have to have a balanced outlook on asylum-seekers and refugees.

As for the current practices about controversial Boat Turnbacks (& Bribery payments) issues, the secrecy surrounding these events are favoring LNP electorally. In any case, we -- the Australian public and activists -- must be able to look right through those barriers of secrecies. -- Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.