Should Dutton be sacked for adopting Cockroach Agenda

Day by day, all the myths begin to disappear and we're having clearer picture about the so-called US refugee swap deal and the lifetime visa ban [#1]. As for PM Turnbull's US refugee swap deal, there never was a proper consultation -- or being reported thereof -- with the UNHCR or, even, IOM. It is probable that the 'flimsy' proposal was floated by Mr Turnbull with US administration few months ago.

Flimsy or not, this so-call US refugee swap deal might have been the only idea, miserably scraping out from the brain of an LNP Prime Minister. In comparison, it make a bit more sense than that of "Cambodian resettlement deal" of which LNP had put out as a policy option few years ago.

The Cockroach's Nasty Agenda

Having said that, even this flimsy US deal is providing a glimmer of hope for the detainees in Nauru and Manus Island. In the event of that flimsy deal with US fall through -- 98% likely with newly elected US president -- Turnbull government would have no choice but to bring the detainees here. The proposed legislation will likely to frustrate any attempt to bring detainees to Australia. The lifetime visa ban on the refugee, therefore, is designed to prolong the offshore detention regime.

My friends, I am having no doubt that the lifetime visa ban legislation is entirely Cockroach's agenda. Earlier, the Australian Human Rights Commissioner was being picked-on and attacked by the cockroach [#2], so as to silence the only legitimate voice within the government structure. Then, that came the lifetime visa ban on detainees as its main target. That clueless Minister Dutton must be held to account for adopting such Cockroach's agenda.

So nasty is the proposal, we -- the activists -- must strike down the government's lifetime visa ban. We must strike it hard. Please ratchet up with all our friends at home and abroad in order to show solidarity with the detainees in Nauru and Manus Island.

As for Minister Dutton, Mr Turnbull should sack him since he is merely playing the tunes of Cockroach in the stead of finding a proper solution for the detainees.

In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.