Lies, Spins, Cockroach and Rodents

Many of refugee activists colleagues, especially since 2001, are definitely aware that lies and spins that coming out from known spin factories. However, few would have imagined that those lies and spins are managed and centralized through a spin-hub which run by the spin-Cockroach (here after will refer to as Roach, or the Roach).

Not an ordinary Roach

Being a spin-Cockroach, he makes a living out of lying to the public and deceiving democracy. The Roach probably sits at a spin-hub which is a cozy, air-conditioned and well suited office located in Sydney or Melbourne CBD. The Roach is well versed and well mannered, probably drives not-too-flashy Mercedes-Benz or BMW, and have a good university degree or two. Publicity shy though, would never comes out to reveal himself or what he does for living.


Grassroots embattle with the Roach

If you are a "serious" grassroots refugee rights activist -- i.e. you dangle yourself from a bridge; block and occupy offices; draw graffiti on pavements, or you block car parks -- you better be aware about that spin-Cockroach. You are advised, particularly, to learn about the strategies that would be deployed by the Roach against you and your movement.

The Roach has a special ways of looking things, especially regarding you and your movement. He will categorize you and devise strategies. Be warned, with the help of Rodents (definition here [#2]), they will try to defeat you and your movement. The Rodents always consult with Roach on things.

According to the Roach's manual [#1], you and your colleagues will be divided into four sub-categories:

(a) The Radicals;
(b) The Opportunists;
(c) The Idealists;
(d) The Realists.

There is a bit of hints in that manual about what the Roach and Rodents will do against you and your movement. We all must be equipped ourselves with the knowledge about their strategy. Please do study the Roach's manual in details, reflect and analyze whenever you have spare times.

Also worth noting that the principal task of the Roach is to 'distract', 'divert' and 'diffuse' any agenda items you and your colleagues may try to raise up. In other words, the Roach will try you not to "get anything done" so as to protect and preserve "status quo" of the Rodents.

Also remember, there is now the pandemic of Roach infestation on Australian news media. Only "The Guardian" seems to be free from the Roach. Well worth considering we start categorizing the news sources and items with Roach infestation rating (0-Roach, 2-Roach, 5-Roach etc). Thats just an idea. Any comment is welcomed (yours will be put on the Greater WWW).

In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.

[#1] Take An Activist Apart, What Do You Have? By Ronald A Duchin, 1991.