Australian Government's bribery payments to people smugglers

Australian Government's bribery payment to people smugglers: This Senate submission from Queensland University (Sub. 8, total 19 pages) has given more details about how the DIBP may violate various criminal laws, both domestically and internationally. The submission supports a position that an investigation should take place and is not dependent upon the consent of the Attorney-General. More interestingly, the speculated involvement of ASIS has been questioned (see page 14 of the submission):

".. it still seems unlikely that conduct which Australia has criminalised and assumed international obligations to prevent and suppress could be regarded as being done in the proper performance of the functions of ASIS."

Remember: the ASIS's involvement in these incidents was just the "media speculations", still not an established fact.

The Senate hearing is scheduled on 5th of February 2016, on which the representatives from Amnesty International and QLD Univ will be appearing. Whilst those Lawyers and Human Rights investigators will surely be doing magnificent job at the parliament, we must keep our eyes and ears opened for this event.

All Submissions, including the Amnesty Report of October 2015 is now available on Parliament website. Friends, bookmark this page and keep a watch at it. -- In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.