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In recent days, we -- in Australia -- had been bombarded with mass media reportage of Donald Trump, the controversial businessman elected to become a US President. That media hoo-haa on Donald Trump, of course, is a time killer: you've now live in the era of 24/7 electronic media; you cannot necessarily avoid or shut out the agendas (or non-agendas) of mass media.

Adam Richards, Adelaide-Canberra walk to refugee freedom
23-Jan-2017: Adam Richards of SA, with son Ned, the refugee detention awareness walk from Adelaide to Canberra

We probably can take the views that United States has been a global power, and hence, the media casting of possible policy changes in USA could be important. Then, what about the tasks that we Australians really cared about ? The government & MPs accountability on expenses; unsolved case of the billions DIBP squandered on account of offshore refugee detention centers; the impacts of government cuts on pension & medicare supports. Most important of the tasks -- i.e. to me personally -- how to end offshore detention and bring those struggling souls here to Australia. Do believe me on this! None of that agenda items, which are important to grassroots people like us, will never, ever be of a broadcast by the mass media. So, for the things most matters to us, where do we start amidst the media distractions ?

On kept pondering: for the grassroots agenda items, it must starts with your thinking-self. Your thinking must then be followed by your own grassroots action. For immediate inspiration, just look at Adam Richards of South Australia. Adam and his son Ned have now been trekking from Adelaide to Canberra, in order to raise awareness about the plights of refugees detained offshore and to change government policy. This is a typical non-violent action: With each single step he takes, Adam carries the burden from the pains and sufferings of the detained refugees.

Adam Richards, Adelaide-Canberra walk to refugee freedom
The refugee plights awareness walks from Adelaide to Canberra

And, yes, the skeptics of non-violent action -- which may found to be the majority -- are going to say Adam will practically get no-where with the government policy. He'll be labeled as a bleeding-heart and accused him of being nuisance & sentimentalism. And yet, his determined action has certainly inspired you and me. re: Adam, a man with big heart, for every single step he takes, our hearts are with him. For every pain of refugees he has chosen to bear, we are also bearing with him. Sure, he might not be getting the "15 seconds of fame" on the mass media, but we already liked him. The non-violent political action, such as that of Adam, is not the opiate for powerless, but it is about human solidarity. For historical reference of such human solidarity, you might like to look at stories of great many non-violent activists such as Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, Martin Luther King & Gandhi.

Friends, following is itinerary of Adam's trip shared by a colleague from South Australia. Please support Adam with any which ways you can: walk with him, talk to him, donate the cause or try to get petitions. Most important of all, shared this message and spread the words and please help highlight the plights of refugees detained offshore.

Yours in Solidarity, NetIPR.

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