Treasonous minions

Aside from the two wellknown Liberal potatoheads, i.e. Abbott and Credlin, who might have been this treasonous Liberal minion, saying following words to Americans in 2009 ? Expose it my friends! Those who work or advocate against Australia's national interests should be condemned as 'treasonous traitors':

Excerpts from Wikileaks emails, 2009 [#1].
" 5. (C/NF) A key Liberal party strategist told us the issue was "fantastic" and "the more boats that come the better" but his research indicated only a "slight trend" towards the Coalition, contrary to a local media poll which showed a big cut to the Labor party's lead. He said the issue was significant because it was the first time Rudd had been exposed for a lack of leadership and for "trying to be all things to all people".

I am looking at Rudd/Gillard/Rudd era of evolvement in Refugee/Asylum seeker policy. There is clear evidence of policy back stabbing, which tantamount to treason, by Liberal Party on this matter, which the Liberal Party is canvassing Americans to look 'the other way' if more boats come to Australia. This certainly is against Australia's national interest in securing its borders [#1]. It is definitely a crime -- at least political crime -- whichever ways or by whatever means to mount campaign against the elected government of the day by utilizing refugee boats and foreign powers.

As for the work of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, he has been labeled by the press here as a 'globe trotting' PM/FM. Having said it though, his influence and diplomatic clout in forming up of current refugee policy needs careful assessment. This is, of course, the period just before Rudd lost election in 2013. We know that the leaders of LNP government -- Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop, etc -- none of them having influential standing in the region. We've got to taken into account of those factors. -- Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.