Corrupt Syndicate and Cover-ups

We haven't hear much more about the The Guardian's FOI court case [#3], which it might be possible to establish the details of RAN incursion into Indonesian territorial waters. That RAN incursion, of course, can now be understood within the context of unpublicized boat turnback agreement between Indonesia and Australia.

With the benefit of hindsight, the government cover-up is fairly obvious. For example, all the procedures about boat turnback was already noted in The Age news paper as early as January 2014 [#1]. What surprised me is the way in which the DIBP chief, Michael Pezzullo, was defending the secrecy of OSB . The Guardian reports [#2]:

"A short time after our report [sic. incursion], the government backed down on a key point. It acknowledged that a customs officer in charge of the Ocean Protector did not respond to a crew member’s concerns that the vessel was charting a course into Indonesian waters.

None of that appears to have been taken into account from a policy perspective by the AFP. A short time later, it took a referral from the immigration department chief, Michael Pezzullo, to investigate who had leaked information to me, and prosecute them. On the files in front of me, there’s no evidence the AFP even paused to consider they were prying into the affairs of a journalist working on a public interest investigation."

Remember, the entire industry of offshore refugee detention has been built upon the "success and viability" of OSB. Defending OSB amounts to protecting the refugee detention industry -- which worths 3.045 billion dollars over 3 years. Anybody or any entity, who has been known to defend OSB, who supported offshore detention had to be on our activist watch list.

In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.


[#1] The AGE: