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Friends, our inspirational refugee supporter Adam Richard, with his son Ned, had successfully completed their 1,200Kms Adelaide-Canberra journey in early February-17 [#1]. I am sure he has earned a few more friends along the way to Canberra. The mass media wasn't entirely insensitive to his concern re: refugees detained offshore; he has had coverage by few print & electronic media(SBS, Canberra Times and some radio station, I gathered). Good on them all and hope Adam has a well earned rest for the moment.

Friends, if you're still being unaware, there is also a Pooch and Piglet pair trekking long journey in the same direction as that of Adam. The pair's journey and their due efforts on the trekking are ineligible for being reported by the human's media. Nevertheless, I have recorded their conversation which I overheard in last September [#2]. In addition to this conversation, I've got to make few observation about the behaviour of this Pooch and Piglet, the pair of which it has been on their ways to City of Rights.

First to the piglet: the most industrious of foragers in animal kingdom, the piglet is seen putting its nose on ground to dug up things. The piglet grunts, squeals and snorts to communicate with its companion. As you would know like any wild-hog, the piglet can dug up acres of yard with its natural ability.

As for the pooch, I can see it snoops around the yard the piglet may already trawled through; sniffing and detecting for any clue of truth which may leads them to the City of Rights. Often seen is the pooch circling around a spot, grunting and growling, taking out its sharp paws to dig even deeper. There's no play-around by the pooch, deeply meditated, with angry snarl and barking at the spotted-ground, hoping something to have comes out. Piglet doesn't stand still, comes in for reinforcement, jumping with its weight to shaken up the ground, grunting and squealing. Naturally, the pooch hunts in packs and piglet forages in groups. Both pooch and piglet are born social animals, and they indeed seems to enjoy the companionship and they are being productive, so to speak.

My friends, you are indeed encouraged to observe and catching up with the pair. I can promise at least that you'll be entertained by the pooch and piglet and how the pair works. Or even you yourself, may be inspired to become part of the tribe -- i.e. the pooch and piglet. You can find that pair at work on wherever of the Internet forums. -- NetIPR.

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[#2] http://www.netipr.org/saorg/node/32

[#1] http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2017/02/03/father-and-son-walk-adelaide-parliament-house-protest-offshore-detention

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