The Irony of Australian Government's "Tough on Crimes"

The Irony of Australian Government's Tough on Crimes: Never negotiate with terrorists, Never give in to blackmails, Never play into the hands of people smugglers ? Nope, Nope, Nope, Never! ..... Really?

" 23. The government has sought to justify tremendous cruelty as being necessary to fight the 'evil' people smugglers and to 'smash their business model'. It would be extraordinary if the government was now paying those same individuals to turn boats around and smuggle people elsewhere..." -- Sub 10. Human Rights Law Centre, Melbourne.

"... Australia has no international legal right to unilaterally engage in people smuggling against other countries in order to prevent people smuggling into Australia -- just as Australia would have no right to pay terrorists to attack Indonesia instead of Australia. " Sub 1. Professor Ben Saul, UNiv. NSW.

Friends, the criminal conduct of Australian government is very clear, as the Amnesty International report in October 2015 undoubtly confirmed it (Download AI report here --> The two instances of payments to smugglers were made in Australian territory, whether by DIBP or ASIS, and they are unlawful criminal conducts, in anyway we could see it.

The Senate report is scheduled to be tabled on 15th March 2016; The government may be planning to get away with this crime by timing up to an election. Friends, make sure these criminals will not easily get away from the justice. Bookmark this Parliamentary Inquiry page ( . -- In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.