Details on Fazel Chgeni case:

The Radio National broadcasts, 31-1-2016. Correct me if I am wrong -- Fazel Chegeni has never been granted a proper protection visa (refugee status). He was briefly released into community on some type of bridging visa (i.e. there can be many forms of such visa, the Safe Heaven visa, one amongst). All he has been given by DIBP was the notice that he has a strong case to become a refugee in Australia. The fact that he was a stateless Kurdish man from Iran, this is not surprising. He, and all other in similar statelessness, should have been granted the refugee status straight away. The deliberate delays in granting proper protection visa, along with trumped-up charges put up against him, is nothing short of criminal conduct by DIBP.

Is there anybody on this list having access to Fazel Chegeni's FOI documents ? I'm just wondering whether DIBP had gave letter to Mr Chegeni at any time, or possibly early 2015, to serve a deportation order back to Iran ? What about the cases of 3 others who are similar to Mr Chegeni's circumstances. We've got to dig into their cases. Best practice is to put those FOI files onto WWW, made accessible to their documents freely by all (must have the Document owner's consent). -- In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.