Tilting at Canberra Windmills

Before the Senate Committee in 2002 , said I, "Mr Chairman and committee members, you no doubt find it disturbing when you hear about the behavior of human smugglers. You are disturbed when human smugglers exploit refugees and asylum seekers. Your are distressed when human smugglers make money out of these vulnerable people. You feel outraged when human smugglers show callous disrespect for the well being of their human cargo. You find human smugglers despicable because they make a profit out of vulnerable people, such as refugees. Now, here in this parliament, your very own government is using refugees and asylum seekers as pawns in its political agenda. The government exploited refugees and border protection issues to win the election. The government shows callous disregard for the lives of asylum seekers by intercepting and turning away refugee boats on the high seas. And, most importantly, the government has demonized and given inhuman treatment to refugees in order to sustain its political power. This is inhuman conduct committed on a grand scale by the Australian government, and it is much worse than what any human smugglers have done. I ask: don't you find that disturbing ? I certainly find the Australian government's conduct inhuman, despicable and disturbing. ( http://www.netipr.org/saorg/NetIPR_20020806_OpeningStatement.txt )"

I suppose, the deluded warrior Don Quixote is a lot luckier than us because, his enemies are only imaginary. Our's are real. In Australia, racism is on the rise and the opportunistic Nazism is alive and well. The Government pays people smugglers to save its own skin. And as the Fazel Chegeni's case has demonstrated ( http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/dec/21/how-australias-immigration-detention-regime-crushed-fazel-chegeni ), there is callous disregard for those who are defenseless. In Australia, you don't expect the Trade Unions, or besieged HREOC, comes fighting for refugees. People like you and me must stand up and fight. Lets have a good Xmas of Rage. -- In solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.