The Syndicate of Corruption

The Saturday Newspaper has put out an analysis article [#2], based on the National Auditor's report [#1], which is worth examining in details. The Saturday article is indicating existence of a syndicate of corruption within DIBP and LNP. And also remember, the Auditor has only a limited mandate to report the inconsistency in the DIBP's procurement of tenders. The broader level of corruption, along with political manipulations, can only be corroborated from such professional report.

In so far as we can conclude, there is a nexus of corruption in DIBP and LNP. Further more, a confirmation that the "Cambodian Resettlement Deals" has been a political conspiracy made by the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison (now Treasurer) to maintain these offshore detention centers at Manus Island and Nauru. These political conspiracy and government corruption are no longer our speculative theory. The Auditor's report is confirming that these are real.

When we look at the Auditor's report, the corrupt activity surrounds the personality of Treasurer Scott Morrison and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. When Scott Morrison was the Immigration Minister, he had deliberately "failed" to find a real solution for those asylum-seekers being detained. In August 2016, the Minister Dutton has extended the Transfield contract deals up until 31 October 2017. (See Para. 4 of Auditor General's report below)

It emerged that the opportunistic syndicate of LNP/DIBP had prolonged offshore detention regime at the expense of our tax payers money. These asylum-seekers detained at Manus Island and Nauru are being used by LNP politicians as scapegoats, whilst their Corporate cohorts exploiting the offshore detention as the 'cash cow'.

The Role of Opposition Labor Party

When we look back on the response by Bill Shorten and his Labor Party, it has repeatedly said the Offshore Detention was intended for short term only. This is consistent with the recommendations made by Huston Experts Panels of 2012. Despite that, Bill Shorten's overall response on refugee issues (OSB cover-ups and Bribery payments) were rather timid. One might excuse that a political party cannot exactly operate like human rights defender organization -- might be true.

However, by the Auditor's report, the DIBP/LNP corruption on offshore detention is no longer an issue that concerned only with the protection for refugees. This issue has now clearly involved corruption of which having broader implication for Australia's democratic governance and the integrity of our political system.

As such, it is incumbent upon the Opposition parties (i.e. Labor, Green & whoever are not with the government) to hold the government to account. The Opposition Labour party must be bold in undertaking the task of getting into the bottom of these corruption cases and that of the political conspiracy. Failing to do so, we will have to assume the Labour party has also been complicit in these corruption cases.

The Role of General Public

Friends, in cases like these, we -- the general public -- must keep pushing both government and opposition to "do the right thing". Not only about bringing asylum-seekers held at the offshore detention, but also to bring justice to those who had exploited asylum-seekers for their own political gains and financial benefits.

In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.

[Excerpts. Auditor General's report]... " Para. 4 In October 2015, Transfield[6] became the sole provider of all garrison support and welfare services to asylum seekers at the offshore processing centres[7] in Nauru and on Manus Island. In February 2016 these arrangements were extended through to 28 February 2017 and in August 2016 the contract with Transfield was further extended until 31 October 2017. The contracts for garrison support and welfare services are set out in Table 1.1. The total combined contract value as at the end of March 2016, as reported on AusTender, was $3 045 million."