Evacuate the Asylum-seekers from Offshore Detention Centres

( Letter, a report card and postcard to John Alexander MP, Federal Member for Bennelong and Senator Marise Payne NSW )

4. PDF copy of letter to Senator Marise Payne (NSW)

3. PDF copy of letter to John Alexander MP

2. A Post Card for Australian Prime Minister on the Operation Sovereign Border cover-ups

1. A Report Card on Australian Government Scapegoating Practices

Dear Hon. John Alexander,

I am U Ne Oo, a resident from Ryde area and I am the coordinator of the Network for International Protection of Refugees – a self-help and self-funded grassroots refugee rights campaign network -- focusing on the situations of refugees in Asia-Pacific region, including Australia. I live and work to support myself here in Sydney as a full-time sub-contract cleaner.

Firstly, I attached with this letter a REPORT-CARD and a POST-CARD dedicated for the Australian Government, of which the notes I prepared over last few months concerning with the situation of refugees in Australia. I respectfully ask your kind assistance for that two reports to be brought to the attention of the Prime Minister and your parliamentary member colleagues of the Liberal party.

Secondly, I call upon you and the Australian government's attention to the plights of asylum-seekers detained offshore for nearly four years. It is evident that these asylum-seekers are Australia's responsibility and I therefore ask Australian government to take immediate step to evacuate these asylum-seekers to Australia.

In this regards, I enclosed a combined statement being made by the 70 humanitarian organisations via Refugee Council of Australia. I emphasize that the Network for International Protection of Refugees is not part of any of those organisations. But I fully endorse their views and that, as such, I am supporting their call for a bipartisan motion to be made at the parliament to evacuate the asylum-seekers who are detained in Manus Island and Nauru.

You'll be in no doubt, I am disappointed with both LNP government and Labour Party on this refugee detention issue. As you have rightly noted on your website, every one in Australian political circle nowadays seems to be on to the race to the bottom so as to catch the bigger prize. As the recent debacle on the so-called US-Australia refugee swap deal has demonstrated, if the Australian government continues to twist the facts and ignore the truth in order to avoid Australia's responsibility, that will prone to cause even more chaos and disasters. It is time for Australian Government to do the right things re: asylum-seekers detained offshore. I ask you and your colleagues to initiate bipartisan motion to evacuate those asylum-seekers in Manus Island and Nauru.

In closing, I thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours respectfully and sincerely,
(Sd. U Ne Oo)

1. Senator Marise Payne, Liberal Senator for NSW, Level 3, 2-12 Macquarie Street PARRAMATTA NSW 2150