Dob-in to International Criminal Court

Friends, I've always believe in the power of the people. In saying so, as regards our government's offshore detention issues, there are ordinary Australians having knowledge deeper than me and, their pens mightier than mine. As such, if you have any piece of information relating to our government's enslavement of asylum-seekers at Manus Island and Nauru, please let the public know. Regarding the LNP Government's enslavement of asylum-seekers, I've already put forward the main argument ICC on July 2017 [#1 (submission and reply)]. Please share any further knowledge or information in this regards to Internet forums [#5] or you can directly contact the International Criminal Court and file a complaint under the specific heading of Enslavement. You are welcomed to use the filing reference OTP-CR-220/17, 18-Jul-2017, with or without my explicit knowledge. You can do that anonymously of course, if you desire.

The legal context as regards modern days enslavement (slavery) can be found in the judgment of International Tribunals on Former Yugoslavia and Sierra Leone. When looking at the Judgment of International Criminal Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia in February 2001, Para 542 had listed the 'indications of enslavement' as:

(1) elements of control and ownership;
(2) restriction or control of an individual's autonomy;
(3) accruing of some gain to the perpetrator;
(4) consent or free will of the victim is absent;
(5) the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion;
(6) deception or false promise;
(7) victim's position of vulnerability;
(8) psychological oppression.

The way I see it, when the government authorities setting up and maintaining their operation of enslavement on asylum-seekers at the Offshore Detention Centres, we may observe such "indications of enslavement". Followings are just a few examples:

The Death, Detention & Profit makings from Refugees: When looking back, the February 2014 death of Reza Barati at Manus Island Detention Centre had coincided with an aggressive corporate take-over of Transfield Services P/L, renamed Broadspectrum (2015), of entire Nauru/Manus Offshore Detention Centre operations. This fact is not hard to see [see Table taken from #2]. The Broadspectrum itself had merged (or got-a-buyouts) by Ferrovial and disappeared from ASX list on June 2016 [#3]. What does these processes telling us ? Has there been a large scale embezzlement of Commonwealth monies? Remember, ill gotten monies can be hidden in those exchanges, and then be disappeared or somehow be made untraceable. The amount of gross profit (ill-gotten money) from this slavery practice is not hard to estimate though: 500,000 AUD per annum per person (less) the cost of accommodating that enslaved person in a third world condition [#4]. You can multiply that with 2000 enslaved asylum-seekers for five years. Friends, if you know anything about these embezzlement and corruptions, or the indication of accruing monetary gains by perpetrators, we love to hear about it.

Within the context of Enslavement, the death of Reza Barati in February 2014 may be considered as the authorities controlling asylum-seekers detained offshore by violent means. This suggestion may looks like far too a fetched conclusion. But my friends, do keep yourself open minded. Had the authorities utilise the death of Reza Barati to control the detained asylum-seekers ? Or had the death being utilised to get rid of rival detention companies to create offshore contract monopoly ? These questions needed to be asked because, to enslave a human beings is a never easy task. The slave-owner, therefore, must use any tools and campaigns at his disposal to control the slaves. The means of control may include, use of violence, threat to use violence, coercion and deception etc. These are included in the factors indicating slavery and, hence, can be reported to the ICC.

Deceptions and cover-ups: The 2015 DIBP payments to Indonesian people smugglers may also be reported to ICC. The DIBP payments to smugglers had been the subject of many Senate Inquiries. However, because of the 2016 double dissolution election, the Senate could only produce an interim report and the Senate didn't pick up that subject after the election. This is clear case of LNP Government -- with tacit approval of Labour Opposition -- wilfully avoiding public scrutiny on this payment case, so as to protect themselves and the enslavement scheme. A more interesting scenario, which has touted by the press and adopted by the government, is that the Australian Security and Intelligence Services (ASIS) has been involved in such payment on people smugglers. This is the case of suspected crime (payments) as well as the conspiracy to cover up that primary crime. Probably, this is a good time to clear all those things up, bring them altogether to ICC, so to speak.

Regards, U Ne Oo, NetIPR.

[#2] "" 2015 report
[#4] (ANAO Report No. 16 2016–17)