Why my polly is so silent

I've sent following letter to Richard Marles MP, the Labor spokesperson for Immigration last December. I receive no answers. Remember the ALP is in opposition, which still doesn't have a definitive responsibility for those asylum-seekers detained offshore. I take it that no reply means he has 'no answer'.

When it comes to policies, Australian politicians are expected to be open and accessible by the general public. Politicians of all stripes, both Labor or Liberal, are sure to tout upon themselves on policy for 'creating jobs and economic growth'. Fine. These are politically non-sensitive issues. Even a dumb wouldn't ever make a mistake on these, so to speak.

But what about some 3000+ asylum-seekers Government has detained offshore ? What our politicians do -- i.e Labor and Liberal -- when they've been asked such critical questions ? Do they always twitch their thumbs, sit behind the poll and decide which way to go ?

Friends, we have elected these politicians -- both Labor and Liberal -- as our political 'leaders'. As we all know, the situation of asylum-seekers offshore is dire and require urgent solutions. We expect our leaders to 'lead', make their own decision using their own brains. We do not expect our politicians to cowered behind those crooked polls. We, the activists and public, must keep demanding answers. Lets keep poking these politicians with questions. And do give them a piece of your mind when they tell lies. -- In solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.