Royal Commission on Offshore Detention Regime, an initiative worth supporting

Green's motion on Royal Commission is well worth supporting. Friends, our favourite SHY may be off-limit on immigration issues. But the Greens has never disappointed us. Senator McKim had moved a Royal Commission onto offshore detention regime ( voted down by Labor & LNP) . In 2015, there has been lengthy Senate Inquiry into offshore detention already [Report #2]. There's much already been said about the offshore detention, which still revolving in the wind. For example, one contributor noted (Footnote 75, Report #2):

"The reason that it seems to me to be purposeful is that I do not understand how the Australian government could pay $1.2 billion to a large logistics company that specialises in logistics — that is, provision of services and items and materials — and then children could not be supplied with shoes that fit them, or toys — really basic needs. It does not make any sense to me. I do not understand"

When the refugee children don't even get their shoes, we'd like to know where this $1.2 billion went? Exactly who's getting what? How those contracts are being secured by a well known Australian Logistics company ? And most important political question: Why LNP government wasting the three years times, not finding a viable solution for refugees, but spinning times around on phony resettlement deal such as that with Cambodia ? Are the LNP Government and its Corporate masters exploiting Nauru and Manus asylum seekers as "cash cows"? We need proper answers.

As for the current Senate make up, there are much complaints by "political establishment" about One Nations and NXT. But remember, these Senators are elected outside the "political establishment" by their own constituents. Lets keep our mind being open about them and eventually must seek their cooperations re: asylum-seekers. -- In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.