Are we there yet ?

A pooch and piglet are on their journey to the human's City of Rights. They've been on a long and arduous journey; going through many difficult terrains and desert; underwent rain and storm. Recorded are the conversation between pooch and piglet:

Pooch and Piglet
The Pooch and Piglet trekking to human's City of Rights

"Are we there yet ? We are close to the City of Rights now. Are we not ?" Asked piglet.

"May be". Replied pooch. Sniffing on the ground, raised its ears up, pooch is always concerns about the "cockroach" and "rodents" might tricked them into a wrong direction, away from the city.

Little-face light up, the piglet asked again. "I can hear human voices. We are really close to the city, aren't we ?"

"Not quite there yet", said pooch. "When we are really close to the city, you will see some celebrity crying on TV and will hear soul-less demagogues singing to tunes that we can understand". Apparently, the pooch has been sneaking into the city a couple of times, without no one really noticing anything about it.

"What shall we do when we get to the city?", asked piglet.

"Well. We'll find a nice tree and sit down for a while. You can have your soft-drink and I'll have my cup of tea.", replied pooch.

"Are the people there going to welcome us?", asked the piglet.

"No.", replied pooch. "The people will face the other-way and pretend that we are not there."

"Why? why would the people pretend we are not there ?", asked piglet.

"Well piglet, people are not quite like us." The pooch paused for a moment and replied. "The people, they have to have a thing call 'face' and they have to 'save their face'. That's why, they pretend we are not there."

Pooch and piglet had been walking non-stop on the long-long trip. "I am hungry.", said piglet.

"When we get to the city," pooch advised, "you can ask for a bit of crumb from the people who'll be kind enough to give it to you."

"What about you pooch? Aren't you hungry too?"

"I'll be fine. I'm just going to chew some rice-cake I bring along.", a self sufficient and well prepared pooch replied.

-- Yours in Solidarity, NetIPR.