Shedding some light on OSB

This article by John Menadue, a Labour think-tank on refugee policy, in 2014 deserves a closer look [#1] . Whilst the mass media played along LNP line that Abbott Government stopped the boats -- which they still do! -- in realty the initiatives made by Rudd was responsible for reducing boats.

There is a further clue as to who might have been that "Treasonous Traitor" [#2], or (might be just a coincident here! somebody who can, please find out and posted). The article said:

"The action by Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison in association with the Greens triggered this dramatic increase in boat arrivals. Both Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison made it abundantly clear that they did not want to stop the boats with an arrangement such as that with Malaysia. They wanted to stop Labor stopping the boats. Their political intentions were revealed by WikiLeaks that reported that ‘a key Liberal Party strategist told the US embassy in 2009 that the more boats that come the better’. (SMH 10 December 2010). Scott Morrison became Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship in December 2009."

All and all, only the Malaysian asylum-swap deal of 2011 looks like a true regional solution to Australia's "boat problem". The LNP knew then (2011) that Gillard Labour was going to be successful stemming the tide of boat arrivals. That was why they (LNP) opposed Malaysian solution and that was policy back stabbing on the Gillard Labour Government. As for the Greens, they were just opposing in accordance with their own principle.

In fact, Huston's Expert Panel had recommended (rec. 5) "Australia continue to develop its vitally important cooperation with Malaysia on asylum issues, including the management of a substantial number of refugees to be taken annually from Malaysia" [#3]. Did LNP Government do anything on this? None.

By now, it becomes clearer that LNP Government is solely responsible for causing all the hardship endured by the detainees of Manus Island and Nauru.

In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.