Serving the Horizontal Outreach

The modern day internet facilities, in particular the Facebook and WWW, have no doubt been helping the refugee rights movement and the activist community in special ways. This new technology has been playing central role in disseminating appropriate information to counter-balance the evil influence of mass media. Every grassroots activist has been empowered, in substantial way, by this new technology.

On saying this, the technology alone doesn't get to solve all the problems. The human input, i.e your thoughts, actions and wisdom, as the contribution is much required of course. In this respect, our Super Ninja Warriors [ (sic) the Facebook Group Admins ] who have been doing hard work do deserve our praise. Without their kind efforts, our activist works wouldn't get this far.

As of recent, the call by public to evacuate offshore asylum-seekers is getting louder, there seems to be a fresh round of campaign by the Government to dissuade public and activists. The PM Turnbull had recently visited PNG to make a fresh point "the government won't be moved". The Government's intransigent position on offshore asylum-seekers is nothing new to all of us. As the Prime Minister has reportedly been planning to visit United States soon, we should prepare to put up with further lies and spins re: US-Australia refugee swap deals.

The lies and spins of Government and mass media will continue to intensify, we -- the refugee activists and public -- on our side need assistance of the "Super Ninja Warriors" more than ever. Please consider becoming a facebook group admin, a way to help widen the horizontal outreach for refugee activists' campaigns. -- NetIPR.

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