The Cowards of Australia

The Cowards of Australia: In these days and age of sophisticated and widely connected global media, the news items come and go with the rolling screens of my facebook page. Of course, we routinely rant about our political leaders just like this FB postings . Many express their disgust about the exploitative nature of Scott Morisson's comment as: bigoted, racist, idiotic and so forth (all 67 comments, I believe). One netter's expression of disgust on this particular instance certainly struck right up my mind: A COWARD.

I've looked up the meaning of 'coward' in the dictionary. It's "A person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain etc..." In Old English, its meaning is even more vivid: A frightened animal with its tail between its legs. Either way, this word certainly fits our politicians when it comes to the policy on refugees.

The racists and bigots are fundamentally cowards. This is because, having no courage to stand tall and be alone, they're trying to side with the 'majority' or 'winning side', which they felt more secure. In political projection, those cowards would rather go along with the 'majority opinion' than what was a right thing to do.

The bullying and scapegoating are the outcome of cowardice. Normally, a coward will hide its weakness by the expression of force, use of violence, making threat and intimidation [sic. a frightened dog with its tail curled into two legs usually sneer its teeth ]. Historically ( ) and of current, the Australian Government's legal bullying of refugees is an evidence of weakness. They (Australian Government) know those boatpeople are genuine refugees. If proper legal procedure were to be conducted, Australia would have to accept majority of them. To those boatpeople, the Australian government therefore put up legal barriers (bullying); use indefinite & offshore detention (use of violence and threat) and threaten them to transfer to a third country (use of threat and intimidation).

Whilst the Australian Government as a whole showed its cowardice, the individual politicians certainly fits in the definition of a 'Coward'. A coward, who having no courage to reveal or to face the 'truth' simply LIED. The conduct of government ministers on recent bribery cases to Indonesian people smugglers, indeed, is the act of cowardice. A thief will never say he steals. Nor a criminal will never admit to breaking the law. The Cowards will lie, lie and make more lies to you.

My friends, all that is left to our task that those cowards be exposed and condemned.

In Solidarity, U Ne Oo, Sydney.