Archived 1992-2004

  • 2004/01/01: The address at the SIEV-X memorial rally on 1 Nov 2003, outlining concerns at the Royal Australian Navy failure to rescue the drowned victims, published in Adelaide Voices DEC/JAN 2004.
  • 2003/11/07: Letter to Australian Federal Police + Justice Minister requesting the list of the deceased persons onboard SIEV-X.
  • 2003/03/05-2003/02/26: Letters of reply from Australian Federal Police and the Office of Prime Minister re: SIEV-X (72k,pdf).
  • 2003/01/22: Letter to Prime Minister John Howard re: Judicial inquiry into PSDP and sinking of SIEV-X (101k,pdf).The SIEV-X Dossier, courtesy of the Canberra Refugee Action Committee (141k,pdf)
  • 2002/12/10: Letter to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to intervene in situation of Afghan refugees (54k,pdf)
  • 2002/12/10: Newsletter issued by the NetIPR on
    5th Anniversary of its founding [Vol 5, No.3](791k,pdf)
  • 2002/10/22: Reply letter from West Australian Coroner re: Inquest into the deaths of two asylum seekers (52k,pdf)
  • 2002/10/18: Letter to Mr. A. Hope, West Australian Coronor re: Inquest into two asylum seekers drowned in November 2001.(269k)
  • 2002/08/25: NetIPR's additional submission to Senate committee with copy of 6/8/02 hansard in PDF format (264k)
  • 2002/07/26: Our submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional References Committee;
    1)Secretary's Opening Statement-HANSARD RECORD (6/8/02) (text)
    2)An analysis report on Australian government's refugee policy (text-format).
    3)NetIPR's full report on PDF format (1083k)
  • 2002/07/15: The two South Australians grassroot activists, Craig Hendry and Jack Desbiolles, have fasted for one week (1to 7 July) in solidarity with Woomera detainees who were in hunger strike. NetIPR compile report on their action. (ZIP, 151k) (PDF 108k)
  • 2002/03/27: Letter to Australian Prime Minister to grant unrestricted access by media and community groups to immigration detainees in Woomera and elsewhere. (pdf, 202k)
  • 2002/02/21: Letters to the leaders of Commonwealth countries regarding Australian government interception and refoulement of asylum-seekers on high seas;
    Newsletter Part-1 (159k) + Part-2 (389k)
  • 2002/01/10: Baby Throwing claim and Australian strain of Racism (an analysis by Secretary)
  • 2001/09/25: About Australia's new anti-refugee (border protection) bill;
    [1] Reply letter from Democrat Senator Vicki Bourne (pdf, 19k);

    [2] A Commentry Article from GreenLeft Weekly (pdf, 156k)
  • 2001/09/11: Press release condemning Australian government returning asylum-seekers boats on the high sea (pdf, 165k)
  • 2001/08/30: Letter to Australian Prime Minister John Howard regarding asylum-seekers on the Norwegian freighter, MV Tampa (pdf, 148k)
  • 2000/05/08: Press release on the Australian government restricting the welfare rights of Temporary Protection Visa holders or TPV refugees (pdf, 188k)
  • 1998/12/10: The Network for International Protection of Refugees' mission statement (pdf, 145k)
  • 1994/06/16: (Pre-NetIPR activity) Letter to Immigration Minister Nick Bolkus expressing concern on the prolonged detention and delayed processing of Cambodian boat people.(pdf, 137k)