Refugee Policy Moonwalks and ALP

Its always refreshing to see a conscience driven Melissa Parke was trying to remove offshore detention of asylum seekers. Thank you. But remember Melissa Parke is rather lonely voice within the Labor party. When looking back twenty years, there and here, we only have disappointments one after others. Kim Beazley, infamously tried "me too tough" on refugee (lost election); Fresh face Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard coming in power, riding on our expectations on fair treatment for refugees (& indigenous population), both leaders had reversed TPV, mandatory Long-term detention regime along with off-shore processing. Lastly, Bill;) Bill;) Bill Shorten my Labor dear boy, breaking my heart. He endorsed the criminal boat turn back policies of Abbot Government.

I just like to know what are Labor party's real plans, if they (ever) win next election, how would they handle the case-load of those now detained in Nauru and PNG ? After all, ALP will be inheriting this "problem", if these case-load were to remained like this. And the Coalition will be finger pointing the Labor "too soft", if ALP is in power and those case-load were to bring into Australia in accordance with proper human rights practices. The Labor is better stand up for human rights, right now!

Then again, we are not to trust too much on those great men and women of Australian Labor Party. All too often, what we see refugee policy in ALP is a great theatrical act of moonwalking -- with one foot being tethered to the floor, I must say. Yes, there are conscience voices like Melissa Parke. But when comes tug of war on self-righteousness vs. fear for survival, those brave men and women of Labor party only choosing to take collective shame. Sad, sad, sad indeed. -- U Ne Oo, Sydney.