A Lie is a 'Lie' and a Crime is a 'Crime'

A lie is a "LIE" and A crime is a "CRIME": Just a week ago, former "Children Overboard" minister Peter Reith had an interview with ABC. He persistently deny his responsibility on this LIE; has no decency to acknowledge the racist Liberal/Coalition Government had made the scapegoat out of those Iraqi refugees. Whether any of the political scumbags would have failed to acknowledge it, I see the "Children Overboard" 'LIE' as a 'LIE'.

Yesterday morning, the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is denying, up against mounting evidence presented by the AI & other sources, his department had bribed Indonesian people smugglers to take their human cargo back to Indonesia. This is a trans-national crime and a crime under Australian Laws. Whatever this Liberal/Coalition Government would have failed at acknowledging it, I see the bribery to human smugglers a 'CRIME' as a 'CRIME'.

My 2002 note on Children Overboard here ( http://www.netipr.org/saorg/uneoo-10-jan-2002.html )


In Solidarity, U Ne Oo ( https://www.facebook.com/netipr.netipr/posts/1644174905853245 )