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Causes for Refugee Movements: Political Interference

ABC news last week had brought our attention to the 28,000 un-processed asylum seekers currently languishing in the community [#3]. These asylum seekers arrived by boat since 2008-2013 under the Labor government. The politicians from both sides, as usual, throw blame upon each other -- too common an occurrence nowadays.


The scandal at hand

Nowadays, the Liberal Government in Australia is touting itself on the "success" of its "Cambodian Resettlement Deals", which sees half-dozen asylum seekers in Nauru had opted for that alternative. The mainstream press, of course, has been floating astonishingly high cost for that resettlement deals -- 40 to 55 Millions AUD -- if the Australian public were to believe.


The myths, secrecies and refugee policy

An activist colleagues pointed out about the odds that are facing by refugee rights movement in Australia. Note the point he made, "MPs are not going to lose their seats over asylum-seeker issues", which probably is true. To my observation, the support for refugees isn't defined along partisan line, i.e. neither Labor nor Liberal specific thing. So too on the curtailing of the rights of refugees -- a certain section of population from both sides of politics think that is a good idea.

Electorally Unimportant ?


Pacific Solution for Justice

With regards to Australian Government's bribery payments to smugglers (boat crew), two simple questions are (1) who made the decision to pay that money and (2) who signed onto the cheque. We know that $32,000 USD doesn't come out of DIBP officials' private bank accounts. Nor it was being paid because of the DIBP officials took a pity on the Indonesian smuggling crew.


Honesty is the best policy on payments to smugglers

The Australian Government's continued silence on the payments to smugglers (crew members) may be putting those DIBP officials (civil servants) at risk of being persecuted under the Indonesian Laws. On this case, we should look at the Sub. 8 from Univ.of QLD, projecting two possible scenarios:

(i) Australia acknowledges 'the payment had occurred' and 'asserts it to be the conduct of an organ of Australia' under international law;
(ii) Australia refuses to do so.


Boat turnback bribery and predictable silence

Last Friday's (5/2/16) Senate Inquiry on DIBP and Bribery event seems to be covered only by The Guardian, which is an international publication, and a 'Left wing' the publication which it is often been charged! Predictably, the mass media within Australia had been silent on this subject. Even the national broadcasters like ABC & SBS were silent on this boat turnback bribery incident.


Put yourself in Indonesian's shoes

Just imagine this. A smuggler's boat looks like just this one carrying illicit-drugs in the stead was to have landed on the Australian soil. The Australian Federal Police and Custom Officers begun questioning the Indonesian drug smuggler. To their horror, the Border Dept. and Officers found out that bringing that drug smuggler to an Australian court would have threatened government's political survival. Therefore, the government minister had decided just to put "sugar back on the table".



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