The ALP Position on asylum-seekers detained offshore

[ I write to Richard Marles MP, seeking answer as to what the Labor Party is going to do with those asylum seekers detained in Nauru and PNG. Copy of my communication here ( ). Please help ring, fax, email Richard Marles and find out what exactly is the ALP position on these asylum-seekers. Lets extort some concrete answer on this from the ALP. -- U Ne Oo.]


The Cowards of Australia

The Cowards of Australia: In these days and age of sophisticated and widely connected global media, the news items come and go with the rolling screens of my facebook page. Of course, we routinely rant about our political leaders just like this FB postings . Many express their disgust about the exploitative nature of Scott Morisson's comment as: bigoted, racist, idiotic and so forth (all 67 comments, I believe).


A Lie is a 'Lie' and a Crime is a 'Crime'

A lie is a "LIE" and A crime is a "CRIME": Just a week ago, former "Children Overboard" minister Peter Reith had an interview with ABC. He persistently deny his responsibility on this LIE; has no decency to acknowledge the racist Liberal/Coalition Government had made the scapegoat out of those Iraqi refugees. Whether any of the political scumbags would have failed to acknowledge it, I see the "Children Overboard" 'LIE' as a 'LIE'.


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