Rohingya: boatpeople may touch 'raw nerves' in Australia


Whilst Australian Government has been dealing with one 'boat-people crisis' at the moment, there is more looming on its horizon. In recent months, a significant number of asylum-seekers arriving by boat mainly from Sri Linka, Afghanistan and Iran, en-route Malaysia & Indonesia. Now, the displaced Rohingya from western Burma likely to hits Australian shore anytime soon. That will be the 'News' for both incumbent Labor Government and opposition Liberal-National Coalitions.


NLD: Policy vacuum

Burmese Opposition NLD and Policy Blackhole

A little over 8 months ago, the Burmese opposition party NLD had entered Pyithu Hluttaw (The People's Parliament). The total number of elected NLD members of parliament has still been small to affect a real change, of course, in the military dominated Parliament. Nevertheless, this signals to the outside world, as well as the people inside Burma, that the Burmese opposition NLD will work, albeit cautiously, with the present military government of Burma (Myanmar) for greater reforms.

Rohingya: Submission to Commission by U Myo Aung


I am in the support of the case for Rohingya (Burma-Rohingya), I would whole heartedly congratulate this report writer, U Myo Aung, to whom I do not know in person, however. We do need this kind of in-depth reports on Rohingya crisis, noting that every report must have to be checked in for its accuracy.



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