Condemn or Condone: No fence sitting on racial intolerance

As you all might aware, there has been gathering of Rakhine parties at the Arakan National Congress at the moment. The participants include some overseas Rakhines, Rakhine political parties -- surely the RNDP one amongst -- and some members of Buddhist clergy, according to this Irrawaddy report. The members of open press and, obviously, Rohingya (Bengalis) were not invited. On viewing participants at this gathering, we know about the anti-Rohingya policies of RNDP.


Burma: Law and Order Issues

Those Burma watchers and activists better be noted, the social and political condition inside Burma is still like a powder keg which can explode on any spark of fire. What happened in Hlegu -- an ordinarily small town -- a brawl of two persons, one allegedly Muslim, can escalate into deploying a riot squad by the government. Some point to the 969 effects, which I repeat, is only partially to blame. Other issues such as law and order situation must also be addressed in this case.

Rohingya: MSF removal 1st step in extermination

After sustained protest by Rakhine locals about MSF's alleged 'bias activities' favouring Rohingyas, the Burmese government ordered suspension of that organization. This, definitely, is serving well to the RNDP agenda of marginalizing Rohingyas: removing Rohingya supporters, the MSF, to be the first step!


Rohingya: Alert on Malaysia gun violence incident

According to the following Radio Free Asia report, two Arakan political leaders, U Aye Thar Aung and Dr. Aye Maung of RNDP were being attacked in Malaysia. Although, both Rakhine Leaders had escaped from injury there will be serious consequences and implications regarding that violence.


Rohingya: Government Refuse To Amend 1982 Citizenship Laws, Official Reply

Another X-mas is upon us. But no such good news for the Rohingyas we can bring, and it's a hard reality. Attached is an official response by Burmese Immigration Minister explaining why the government is not considering to amend the 1982 Citizenship Laws, which most human rights activists considered draconian. I have taken a while to reach (or find out from web) this official response.


HELP Rohingya message to Daw Suu, Sydney Opera House

Last Wednesday (2013/11/27), the Sydney Opera House was packed with Burmese, Karen & Mons wearing their traditional costumes i.e. sarongs. I'm told the Kachins have officially boycotted the event, so some came in anyway wearing Burmese sarongs. The organiser commented that the Opera House is like a 'big Burmese village'. With all the traditional Burmese pomps & accolades being accorded to Daw Suu, their democracy idol.

My friends might ask is there any chance of meeting Daw Suu in person, shake hands and then deliver a very important message to her?


Rohingya: Citizenship debate to hot up at Naypyidaw

According to reports, the RNDP has been making move to curb the rights to participate non-citizens (Associate, Naturalized, Temporary) in the Burma's political process.

The RNDP, as we all know, has been elected democratically in the last election. Its election mandate cannot be disputed. What worries me, however, is its single-mindedness to suppress or exclude Rohingyas from participating and excercising their political rights.


Rohingya: A stalled confidence-building process

Recent instance of violence in Rakhine state is the sign that process for re-integration of 'stateless' Rohingyas has been stalled. The majority of these stateless Rohingyas are the returnees who have been repatriated under 1993 MOU, signed by the Burmese Government and UNHCR. Burmese parliament and government, now a days, have the power and capacity to grant full citizenship status to at least those children born in Burma. I recently have written a letter to Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr about these children.



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