Burma: Law and Order Issues

Those Burma watchers and activists better be noted, the social and political condition inside Burma is still like a powder keg which can explode on any spark of fire. What happened in Hlegu -- an ordinarily small town -- a brawl of two persons, one allegedly Muslim, can escalate into deploying a riot squad by the government. Some point to the 969 effects, which I repeat, is only partially to blame. Other issues such as law and order situation must also be addressed in this case.

For example, people inside Burma have very little confidence in the police and court to deliver justice. For decades, the Burmese people have seen corrupt police and court are letting loose those who are seen guilty of crimes. Sadly, this experience had made the Burmese public, consciously or unconsciously, taking matters into their own hands.

In many setting, there would be no one bothering about the due process of law. The concerned public may become self appointed themselves to the role of judge, jury and executioner. In many ways, this is a kind of Burmese public seeking 'mob justice' where a real justice, in their view, is non-existence. Consequently, the whole of Burmese society has become adopting to the 'mob mentality'. Obviously, a great deals of public education and campaign actions are needed to counter such unhealthy social trend. Everybody, not only Burmese government, but also NLD, media and all other political and social groups must act together in educating this kind of law & order issues.

Those who are doing positive political spins about Burma, just be aware. A country of which the government has to deploy a riot squad for an ordinary side-street brawl isn't a politically stable country.

In Solidarity,
U Ne Oo, Australia.

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