Rohingya: Questions and Answers

Today, the name "Rohingya" is synonymous with government oppression, suffering, statelessness and endless cycle of displacement. On the one hand, the lack of information on the root causes of their statelessness have been major obstacle in search for appropriate solutions. Whilst the ultimate solution for the stateless Rohingya will rest upon the Burmese government granting them some forms of citizenship, the Burmese public at large are needed to be educated about this particular ethnic community. In recent weeks, I have coordinated a discussion forum regarding with issues relating to Rohingyas of which various thinkers and activists had participated. This page is dedicated to their hard work and earnest research, on which we are on our way to finding the "Truth" about Rohingyas.

As the discussion on Rohingya is still on-going, and this page is updated frequently, you can also perhaps share your thoughts. Your comments are always welcome. If you do like to join the mailing list, please send a note to my email:

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