Written by U Ne Oo on 2003-01-01

In the shadow of American invasion on Iraq, the military junta of Burma had sought to crush NLD and its followers in 2003. The Tabayin (Depayin) attack that took place on May 30 was no accident. A cowardly attack on un-armed and defenceless NLD supporters by government agents.

The unspeakable brutality was used in this attack, several witness has confirmed, and more details are still coming out. There is no call for revenge by NLD leaders. However, this stupid and cowardly attack must be exposed further and those masterminds must not escape from justice.

That idiot Gen Than Shwe, as well as, So Win, who was the head of NorthWest command, down rank-and-file, must be repaid for the brutality they have inflicted.

The fact that NLD and pro-democracy forces seeks to reconcile with junta to resolve political impasse must not deter the call for justice in this attack. The individuals, such as Than Shwe and Soe Win must be brought forward to face justice.

Happy new year to all.

Regards, U Ne Oo.

Y2003: The stupidity has ruled