Written by U Ne Oo on 1999-10-15

Dear Friend:

Enclosed is my letter to UN Secretary-General, together with the report, "BURMA: Time for UN Engagement", regarding with the 1999 United Nations General Assembly resolution on Burma. Please write letter/faxes to UN Secretary-General and other United Nations officials of which addresses given below. Those who are living in European Countn Countries, USA, Canada and Australia, please also ask your government to draft and sponsor strong resolution on Burma.


For those who are new to letter writing, following tips may be helpful:

(1) Your letters to these UN/Govt. officials do not need to be lengthy or explanatory. About one/two page of letter summarising what you like UN to do on Burma situation would be sufficient. Easiest way is just copy/reproduce the recommendation given in then in the enclosed paper, "BURMA: Time for UN Engagement" and ask United Nations General Assembly to introduce those measures in its resolution.

(2) When you write to these officials, it is not necessary to quote my name nor you do not need to exactly reproduce the whole recommendations. In fact, the recommendations can be tailored into you own likings: for example, "imposing investment sanction" can be replaced by "full economic sanction". By the same token, ttoken, the recommendation of "UN Security Council to look into matters of Burmese military junta's involvement in drug trafficking " can be translated to write to United States Government to "issue the warrant on the junta leaders for drug trafficking" etc.

(3) Your letters to these UN/Govt. officials are important whether you write as individual or on behalf of an organisation. This is because in the field of advocacy, the participation from diverse people and their views are very important. One person, however articulateiculate in advocacy, is not enough to influence the United Nations or a Government. By the participation of grassroots individuals and organisations, these politicians at UN/Govt may take into account of the matters.

(4) When you write to these officials, you must write the letter on paper and send it by post/fax and must include your name/address etc (anonymous letters are not usually acceptable). You may choose to broadcast your letter on Internet for information. However, the officials from UN and Government Departmenepartments usually do not read Internet and therefore you still must send your letter by post/fax. It is always better to communicate with courteous letters to these officials.

(5) Those Burmese having difficulty to send letters, for example people living in refugee camps etc in Thailand/India/Malaysia, I offer my help. You can e-mail me (your address and name must be included) and I am happy to forward hard copy to these UN officials.


Dr U Ne Oo

18 Shannon Place

Adelaide SA 5000


15 October 1999

Mr Kofi Annan


United Nations Headquarters

New York NY 10017, USA.

FACSIMILE: (+1-212)963-1395

Dear Secretary-General:

re: Burma Resolution at 54th Session of UNGA

Please find enclosed paper, "Burma: A time for UN Eng time for UN Engagement", regarding with current political and human rights situation in Burma. I request the Secretary-General to take into account of the issues raised in this paper in preparing for the UN General Assembly resolution on Burma. I especially would like Secretary-General to support the 54th UNGA recognising the Committee Representing the People's Parliament (CRPP) in Burma. In this connection, I like to note that the failure of 53rd UNGA to recognise CRPP is responsible for the numerous hardships experienced by the Natihe National League for Democracy and opposition activists during 1999. I very much hope that such inaction of UNGA on Burma not be repeated this year.

I also request the UNGA to impose international investment ban and international arms embargo on Burma.

I also ask Secretary-General to formally expand your good office works on Burma to include internaitonal diplomats from major democracies, and set up a United Nations Contact Group for Burma.

I also ask Secretary-General to encourage the Royal Thai Government to solve Bo solve Burma's refugee problems with the help of UN High Commissioner for Refugees; and the UNSC to take immediate measure to deploy incountry human rights monitors and humanitarian organisation in Burma.

In closing, I thank Secretary-General for your kind attnetion to this matter.

Your respectfully and sincerely

Sd. U Ne Oo.


1) H.E. Theo-Ben Gurirab, President, 54th Session of United Nations General Assembly, (Permanent Representative of Namibia to UN), 135 East 36th Street, New York N.Y. York N.Y. 10016, USA. (FAX:+1-212-685-1561)

2) H.E. Arnold Peter van Valsum, President of UN Security Council, (Permanent Representative of Kingdom of Netherlands to the UN), 235 East 45th Street 16th Floor, New York N.Y. 10017, USA. (FAX:+1-212-370-1954)

3) H.E. Vladimir Galuska, Chairman, Third Committee of the 54th UN General Assembly, (Permanent Representatife for the Czech Republic), 1109 Madison Avenue, New York N.Y. 10028, U.S.A. (FAX:+1-212-772-0586)


Dr U Ne Oo

18 Shannon Place

Adelaide SA 5000


21st October 1999.

H.E. Vladimir Galuska

Chairman, Third Committee

of the 54th UN General Assembly

Permanent Representative for Czech Republic

1109 Madison Avenue

New York N.Y. 10028, U.S.A.


Dear Sir,

re: The UN General Assembly Resolution on Burma

I am a Burmese exile in Australia and I australia and I am writing to Your Excellency for matters regarding with situation in Burma. In this connection, I enclosed my recent report,"BURMA:Time for UN Engagement", together with various other communications. I appeal your committee and 54th General Assembly to (1) recognise the formation and the mandate of Committee Representing the People's Parliament; (2) recommend to send incountry human rights monitors; (3) impose international investment ban on Burma and (4) recommend to set up a special UN tribunal to investigate death in cus in custody cases and massacres that occurred in Burma.

As a refugee in Australia since 1992, I earnestly appeal your committee and the General Assembly to look into the plight of many of my country-men living in Burma's neighbouring countries and to take measures to solve these refugee problems. In particular, the General Assembly should request UN Security Council to create unhindered access for the international human rights and humanitarian NGOs, UNHCR and especially the UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur, Judge Rajsoomer jsoomer Lallah, to various parts within Burma.

In closing, I thank you for your kind attention to this matter. Your kind help in these regards will help alleviate sufferings of the

oppressed and dispossessed Burmese people.

Yours respectfully

(Sd. U Ne Oo)

Copy to:

1. Mrs Kirsten Gelan, Vice-chair person, Third Committee of 54th UN General Assembly,(Permanent Representative of Denmark), One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 885 Second Avenue, 18th Floor, New York N.Y. 10017-2201, U.S.A.

2. Ms Kate Starr Newell, Secretary, Third Committee Secretariat.

Letter to UNSG, UNGA and Third Committee