Written by U Ne Oo on 1999-08-02

[Added note: Our friends on internet are well aware that, inspite our objection for Burma's illegitimate Foreign Minister attending ASEAN meeting, H.E. U Win Aung was able to show up at ASEAN meeting. Our efforts certainly need to continue in this regards, especially at the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly: SPDC/SLORC appointed ministers must not be allowed to take the Assembly floor. Please write letter to UN Secretary-General to raise this matter. Also er. Also ask Secretary-General to take a proper action against the SPDC/SLORC using terrorist methods to suppress democracy activists in Burma. --Regards, U Ne Oo.]

Dr U Ne Oo

18 Shannon Place

Adelaide SA 5000


2nd August, 1999.

Mr Kofi Annan

UN Secretary-General

United Nations Headquarters

New York, NY 10017

United States of America

Dear Secretary-General:

Please find enclosed letter to the General Secretary of ASEAN, H.E.Rodolfo Severin.Rodolfo Severino, on 14 July, 1999. I have requested ASEAN regional grouping at their annual meetings to refuse to give floor to H.E.U Win Aung unless Burmese military junta agrees to international mediation and to start dialogue with the opposition. In this connection, I also like to recall my letters to you on 17 November 1998, as well as letter to US Secretary of State on 15 September 1998.

Because the time for 1999 United Nations General Assembly has come closer, I like to remind the Secretary-General as well as international community to refuse to give floor to H.E.U Win Aung (or anyone appointed by SPDC/SLORC as Burmese Foreign Minister) during this years' general assembly, because the SPDC/SLORC has no legitimate right to appoint a cabinet minister. The SPDC/SLORC appointed cabinet ministers are illegitimate unless such appointment being approved by Committee Representing People Parliament (or) the Burma's rma's Parliament. I believe it is the right time for international community to recognise the CRPP and Burma's Parliament as a legitimate instrument of the will of the Burmese people.

Another disturbing development is that the military government in Burma resorting to terrorist methods, such as taking of hostage, to stamp out the political dissidents. The Amnesty International reported in their Urgent Action (UA 183/99) on 27 July 1999 that the local Military Intelligence in Pegu City held 19 people to hostage in an attempt toempt to arrest one pro-democracy and non-violent activist. The Military Intelligence have arrested the family members of above mentioned activist, including his 3 years old daughter, in order to pressure the activist to come out of the hiding. The girl was released after 5 days in detention--thanks to the concerns raised by Amnesty. However, the wife of the activist as well as close relatives remained in detention of MIS. I fear that such inhuman practice of hostage taking by government may be widespread within Burma. I ask Secret Secretary-General and competent organisation such International Committee of Red Cross to take appropriate action on Burmese military government regarding with such illegal and terrorist conducts.

Yours respectfully and sincerely

Sd. U Ne Oo

Letter to UNSG Kofi Annan