Written by U Ne Oo on 2005-03-20

(Summary/Overview from a source paper detailing the unholy alliance of Anglo-American Oil companies and Bush Administration in their drive to invasion of Iraq)

As I was trying to establish the fact about US/UK governments waging war against Iraq is to serve their oil companies interests, I came across this magnificant paper by J.A. Paul of Global Policy Forum (www.globalpolicy.org). This paper is probably the best in explaining the fact that main culprits who are responsible for the deaths and destruction in Iraq are, in fact, Anglo-American Oil companies.

The importance of Truth and Justice

When we are seeking justice for Iraqi people in such a complex situation as war in Iraq, we must firstly establish the truth -- the truth about why this war was initiated by US/UK governments. Of course, public media reporting will never go into such level of truth. Any excuse for the war -- WMD, terrorist threat, religious (calling of the God?) etc -- we must consider as mere "media projections".

Unless the true cause of war -- i.e. who are the authors of war, who are most likely to be profitting from the war -- can be established, we will not know how and what to fight-back politically. I think this J.A.Paul's paper does give proper answer to these questions.


In Part 1: The Iraq war did not emerge solely from the Bush administration. In fact, the war emerged from the Anglo-American Oil Companies' effort to monopolize Iraq's oil resources. It also point out the history of an extra-ordinary level of political influence exerted by Oil Companies on successive US/UK governments.

In Part 2: There is the historical tendency for blurring and blending of agendas between the elected US governments and the Oil Companies. The government of George Bush Jr. in particular have close personel connection with the US Oil industry. George Bush Jr, himself, the chief executive of its own oil company. Dick Cheney and Condolezza Rice are the former executive/directors from oil industry. The political influence of US Oil Companies on George Bush Jr government, therefore, is beyond anybody's doubt.

In Part 3: It has given brief history of 7 wars in Iraq; given a glance of Iraqi people's resistance to foreign occupation. Unlike other middle eastern countries -- i.e. Kuwait or Saudi Arabia -- Iraqi people are mobile in resistence (this may probably explain why Iraq is a wrong country to invade.).

Most important point in this section was the estimated profit level for the Oil Companies. Should the Companies gain control of Oil in Iraq, a conservative estimate about 150 billion USD par year into the Oil Companies (i.e 40%/60% production deals). The Oil Companies could maintain such income/profit level for next 40-50 years without much difficulty. At this point, we can be certain that there are Oil Company Executives who will not be disturbed -- even if all 25million Iraqis would vanished from the earth -- for this kind of profit.

Final Part 4: From behind the scene, the US Oil companies were mobilizing for invasion of Iraq since 1997-98. The election (2000) and re-election (2004) of George Bush Jr. Administration may best served the Oil Companies interests. A hasty invasion of Iraq was made in 2003 due to Saddam regime contracting out oil fields to the rival oil companies.

The US/UK Oil companies agenda for invasion of Iraq was not only about securing access to the Iraqi oil. The compaines are also planning for monopolizing of the oil market. By monopolizing the world's oil market, the profits can also be reap through speculation (See GreeLeft Weekly 1-Dec-2004). In next 3 decades, China, India and some parts of Asia will become industrialised. By controlling Iraq's Oil reserves, the US/UK can also gain leverage over Asia.

Iraqi Resistance is the Key

Despite such US/UK Oil companies moves in Iraq, the world, of course, will be looking other way if Iraqi people themselves are quite happy. However, it become clear that Iraqi people vehemently oppose US/UK occupation plans and their Oil companies. As such, we -- the citizens of the world -- have an obligation to support Iraqi people's (TRUE) freedom. The US military occupation of Iraq must end. Those US/UK Oil giants must get clear message they are not welcomed in Iraq.

In solidarity, U Ne Oo.

Overview of Oil Wars in Iraq(GPF Paper)