Written by U Ne Oo on 1996-03-10

Letter from the U.N. Department of Political Affairs


NEW YORK N.Y. 10017

10 March 1996

Dear Dr. U Ne Oo,

Thank you for your letter of 3 January 1996 addressed to Mr. Alvaro de Soto, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs. for Political Affairs. We appreciate your support for UN efforts to help bring about national reconciliation and democracy in Myanmar.

As you are well aware, the Secretary-General has been exercising his good offices functions based on General Assembly resolutions on Myanmar, and we are constantly searching for new ideas and initiatives to help bring about more dialogue amongst the various parties within Myanmar. We hope that the efforts of the United Nations, coupled with efforts by members of the international community ammunity and cooperation by the Government of Myanmar and the democratic forces in Myanmar, would help in the implementation of the provisions of the General Assembly and Human Rights Commission resolutions.

As to possibilities for UN Peace-keeping, an international arms embargo and any other Security Council action, it is up to the Security Council members to decide on those matters.

Yours sincerely,

Sd. Hiroko Miyamura

Associate Political Affairs Officer

East Asia & Pacific Division

Comm from UN Dept. of Political Affairs