A Rally Against the Police State


The Commonwealth Government's newly proposed anti-terrorism law has defined "sedition" as a criminal offence, in addition to the draconian "Control Orders" and "Preventative Detentions". The sedition clause in the new law will severely curtail freedom of speech and, hence, reduce the general public's ability to express disaffection against government policies. Under the new law:

... she might be charged as instigating public disaffection of government ....

... singing songs at the public rally like this may as well be considered as commiting a criminal offence.

Adelaide Anti-Terror Chants

1. Hey Jack, Ismet,
    Howard is Terrorist Threat.

2. One Two Three Four
    We don't want your Terror Laws.
    Five Six Seven Eight
    We want no part in your war of hate.

3. Hey Hey, Ho Ho,
    Terror Laws have got to go!

4. The greatest threat to this our nation
    is Howard's fascist legislation.

5. Howard Howard You're no hero
    You're as barking mad as the emperor nero!

6. Shoo-Wahs. Shoo-Wops,
    Take the power from the cops.

Rally Photos

Protesters equate the new anti-terror law to the death of free-speech and democracy,
as symbolised by the 'coffin of free-speech' (click on to view enlarged photos)