Enslavement in Manus Island and Nauru

Summary of Allegations

1. The Commonwealth Government of Australia has perpetrated the crime against humanity of enslavement of asylum-seekers. A total of 2,200 asylum-seekers, who are of entirely civilian characters have been confined in Manus Island of Papua New Guinea and in Republic of Nauru for four years. The detention companies Broadspectrum and Ferrovial have co-perpetrated in the crime of enslavement. The governments of Papua New Guinea and Republic of Nauru also have co-perpetrated in this crime.


Who gonna park on that spot ?

My activist friends, lately there have been a fair bit of talks within our forums about current state of refugee rights movement. Some express concerns about the lack of unity, direction or even, leadership. Some complaints the movement has been lacking the participation from those who have 'real refugee' experiences (see [#1]).


Trade Your Vote for Refugees

Friends, regarding with the evacuation of offshore asylum-seekers, the responses from two major parties, i.e. LNP and Labour, are of the same: to do NOTHING! We in the general public know that our cause is just and this particular request is entirely do-able. For the moment, we shouldn't waste our time analysing or be bothered about why the LNP Government and Labour Opposition have not been making bipartisan motion to evacuate these offshore asylum-seekers.


Serving the Horizontal Outreach

The modern day internet facilities, in particular the Facebook and WWW, have no doubt been helping the refugee rights movement and the activist community in special ways. This new technology has been playing central role in disseminating appropriate information to counter-balance the evil influence of mass media. Every grassroots activist has been empowered, in substantial way, by this new technology.


On wherever of the Internet

Friends, our inspirational refugee supporter Adam Richard, with his son Ned, had successfully completed their 1,200Kms Adelaide-Canberra journey in early February-17 [#1]. I am sure he has earned a few more friends along the way to Canberra. The mass media wasn't entirely insensitive to his concern re: refugees detained offshore; he has had coverage by few print & electronic media(SBS, Canberra Times and some radio station, I gathered).


Evacuate the Asylum-seekers from Offshore Detention Centres

With your government's 4 years prolonged detention of these asylum-seekers, at the great, great expense of our tax payers, certainly is an unprecedented form of exploitation. Please, Senator, do make efforts to stop such terrible abuse.

( Letters to John Alexander MP, Federal Member for Bennelong and Senator Marise Payne NSW )
Dated: 9th Feb 2017


All the way with Adam

In recent days, we -- in Australia -- had been bombarded with mass media reportage of Donald Trump, the controversial businessman elected to become a US President. That media hoo-haa on Donald Trump, of course, is a time killer: you've now live in the era of 24/7 electronic media; you cannot necessarily avoid or shut out the agendas (or non-agendas) of mass media.


Media monopoly: blackout vs spotlight

The activists in Australia have noticed frequent streaming of propaganda by the mass media. In previous posting, how the mass media has been controlled by the "Establishment" and created a "blackout" re: the death of refugee Faysal Ahmed in Manus Island [#1]. We can now have a look at how the media "spotlight" may be created by the Establishment. Remember, such mass media spotlight has been utilized to spread certain propaganda, which is to serve specific government's agenda. We can have a look at one of recent media incident as a specific example.


Media monopoly and conspiracy of silence

There has been a universal silence from both Labour and LNP on unnecessary death of Faysal on Christmas Eve. When dealing with issues related to offshore detention, both major parties seems to suffer from the "elephant in the room" syndrome -- simply avoid talking about the sensitive issue. Having said that, the total media/political (non)response on the death of Manus Is. refugee, Faysal Ahmad, on this Christmas Eve has gone beyond this syndrome of "elephant in the room".



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