The Iraq War Criminal's Visit to Adelaide

On 17-18 November 2005, the CBD of Adelaide looks and feels actually like downtown Baghdad. Police are everywhere on the street. City traffic got crawling to a halt. Concrete reinforced high-security barricades had rose up against building in the down town. Do you know why ?

This is because the US Defence Secretary Donalds Rumsfeld is visiting Adelaide for the AUSMIN meeting. So far as I and my friends are concerned, this war criminal is not welcomed in South Australia.

So here, at the steps of the South Australian Parliament house, the Rumsfeld Reception Committee in Adelaide launched the rally protesting his visit.
At the interview with the press here in Adelaide, he labelled David Hicks -- the Adelaide man who being held by the US Government at the Guantanamo Prison for 4 years without charges -- as 'terrorist'. So what should I call him ? click this little picture.
In solidarity with the people of Iraq, the protesters demand an end to the occupation of Iraq.
They also call for prompt release of David Hicks from the Guantanamo Prison.
Our dear friend Sam got nabbed by the police -- lets hope he's OK. The high security wall along with protesters are visible at the background. This high security wall, I call it "Rumsfeld's wall".

More photos from protests are here. Click on for enlarged view.