Scott Ritter
Intelligence, Lies & War
1st Dec 2005
(Public Forum organised by NOWAR-SA)

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[Part 1/3] Is telling the truth a sedition ? Then, lets begin here; US Revision of History; Iraq Disarmament or Democracy; WMD or Regime Change ?; Rules of Law, justifying means and ends. (11 min)

[Part 2/3] Security Council Resolution 687 (Apr-1991); Saddam as Adolf Hitler; Saddam and political liability; WMD as new justification for sanction (9.5 min)

[Part 3/3] Iraq WMD and Drug Raid analogy; Disarmament ? No applause for good job; CIA's new claim on WMD; CIA knows the truth. Bush, Blair & Howard lied to us. (22 min)

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Tariq Ali
Globalisation and Democracy
After Iraq

18 May 2005
(Public Forum organised by NOWAR-SA)

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Opening speeach by Mike Khizam, Convenor of NOWAR-SA (13.5 min)

[Part.1/5] Tariq Ali : The imperialists are now facing Iraqi People's resistance; (7.5 min)

[Part.2/5] Tariq Ali : U.S. problems: war financing & recruitments; (8.5 min)

[Part.3/5] Tariq Ali : Palestinian crisis and the root causes of suicide bombing; the media de-contextualization of conflict; (13.0 min)

[Part.4/5] Tariq Ali : The importance of international solidarity, effects of globalisation and Venezeula's social revolution; (11.5 min)

[Part.5/5] Tariq Ali : Successes and failures of anti-war movement; and the need for new thinkings. (12.0 min)

Questions & Answers by Tariq Ali

Q2. Has the 'Bushism?' or 'war in Iraq' been nothing new, but are the continuation of previous US practice and policies ?

Q3. Is there any comparison between current US invasion of Iraq and White Anglo-saxon invasion of indigenous Australia in 1788 ?

Q4. If US didn't invade Iraq, do you think Iraqi people by themself would have embraced a democratic system there ?

Q5. Are there foreign fighters in Iraq ?

Q6. In your opinion, what would be the best exist strategy for the United States now ?

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